New HTC Desire HD is Ace – Spyshots!

Don’t you just hate this when it happens?

You hold out til you find the phone for you, you pay your money and sign up to a contract enslaving your soul for 18 months or more and then rumours of a replacement for the handset that you’ve just bought are released.


Those of you that have just collected your new HTC Desire may want to read a different article.

The Android powered Desire HD or ‘Ace’ has found its way online and it seems to shape up quite well. Sorry.

The Desire HD packs a 4.3 WVGA capacitive touchscreen with the obligatory 1GHZ Qualcomm processor purring away under the hood.

That rather conspicuous camera lens is an 8 megapixel snapper which will happily record 720p HD video.

You’ll also get SRS surround sound and auto face-detection.

Those with a current HTC Desire (sorry again) will notice that the headphone jack has migrated south and is now situated at the bottom of the phone and that the four Android hard buttons have changed to become touch versions.

Check out the video below if you can face it.

Again, sorry.

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