New Friend Feed For iPhone

iPhone Friend FeedIf you love all this social networking carry-on you’ll probably know FriendFeed.

FriendFeed is a social network feed aggregator and links up various sites so you can keep an eye on who’s poking who and when the next club night that everyone is going to is happening.

FriendFeed has now released a new version of its site optimised for the iPhone.

FriendFeed was known for having a basic/uncluttered design but the standard version was difficult to read due to tiny fonts.

This new version has increased the font size, and has further tweaked link placement and picture sizes to make the site more accessible to mobile users.


The site also includes a new “Post photos from your phone” link that will let users submit photos to FriendFeed straight from their iPhone.

Each user is assigned a unique email address (e.g.

To submit a picture you send a snap from photos chosen from the iPhone’s integrated photo viewer to the assigned address.

The only draw back I can see so far is that you have to tap in the email address each time.

There’s no obvious way to save the addy to your address book – if you know different please share!

The official announcement can be found here.