New faces thanks to Android Wear update

android wear newfacesYou may have already fitted your Android Wear powered smartwatch with a custom face like the Gadgety Roy has done with his Kronus Gigante design, but now there’s more right out of the box.

If you’re not so into tinkering as others, then the options for face designs on your Android wearable have been kinda limited but that’s all changed now thanks to Google’s rollout of the latest version of Android Wear, based on Lollipop.

This update finally brings the promised ability for developers to create and sell their own unique, distinctive watch faces via Google Play.

Some developers have already designed unofficial faces that lacked the guidance of official specs and didn’t necessarily function properly, but it was a stopgap solution until Google was ready to unleash the Watch Face API.

To mark this occasion, Google has launched more than two dozen downloadable faces, many of which are free.

Among the early highlights are faces based on the likes of Despicable Me, games such as Pac-Man and Plants vs. Zombies, and others featuring design work from the likes of Rebecca Minkoff, Mei Kawajiri, Bearbrick, and Porsche.

In typical Google rollout fashion, it’s starting to hit some devices now, but allow up to a week before getting concerned that you haven’t got it yet.