New Facebook Profile Page is Ready to Activate

I was tipped off by Amber Mac this morning that Facebook has pressed the ‘Go’ button on its its new look profile pages.

The new look that, as per usual, has many people complaining and wishing that they hadn’t updated, brings more images to your info including pics that you’ve been tagged in as well as other new features.

The tagged pictures of you could be a cool addition or an utter embarrassment depending on what you get up to and who you allow to see your photo’s 😉

Personally, I’m digging the new visuals of the book covers, film posters, album covers, that have all replaced the text links to what you have ‘Liked’.

There’s now a ‘featured friends’ section in the right hand bar which integrates the new friends function.

This means that you can now manage lists and sling your Friends into boxes – so, Music Promoters, Social Network guru’s, Ex’s, Family, etc can all be easily contacted instead of having to remember their names 🙂

Before you update have a glance at my page here or just watch the vid below 🙂

If you want to be an early adopter just go to: and then click the green button at the top of the page!

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