New Entry Level MacBook Air – Is This The Apple Netbook?

apple_netbook_2Could there be a faint whiff of the fabeld Apple netbook?

Apparently there’s a 3G packing MacBook Air on its way but there could also be an entry level MBA.

Silicon Rumors has gotten wind from a reliable source that a new MacBook Air will have 3G built in to get you surfing without trecking around hunting for a hotspot.

The more interesting point made is that the sources also claim that a newer entry price MacBook Air costing between $1,200 and $1,500 (£800-£930) is being planned!

Remember that currently the ‘base’ model MacBook Air clocks in at £1,271 so this lower price could point to a smaller MacBook Air – perhaps with a 10 or 11 inch screen.

This could also explain all the Apple netbook rumours that have been floating around over the last year.

So is this it? Even though CEO Tim Cook recently dissed netbooks as “junky”.

Or are the Mac tablet rumours more viable?

All will become apparent at WWDC next month.

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