New Electric Police Car Hits 40 KPH!

Electric Police CarLiving in London I see a lot of ‘Green’ policies – the latest of which is the fine for high-polluting vehicles; so it’s of no surprise to see the steady increase of those funny little G-Whizz electric cars.

What’s next?  The police using golf-carts???!!!??


An Electric Police Car is just what this seems to be. 

Obviously to patrol the futures Segway lanes and assist in the pursuit of powered wheel-chairs or perhaps just to patrol Toys ‘r’ Us and Hamleys.

It has a Max speed 40 km/h!  Give me a MKII Jag for the best London police chases – either that or a Ford Zephyr, Lotus Cortina or now, thanks to Ashes to Ashes (set in ’81) the Audi Quattro :0)

For you rodders out there – the base specs are:  350kg Motor power: 3.0kw Non-brush Battery: 48v 190Ah Max. Speed: 40km/h Loading capacity: 680kg Travel distance: = 80km Climbing ability: 25° Charging time: 7-10 hours