New Denon Earphones Control Your iPad, iPhone and iPod

If you’d rather have something shoved in your ears rather than encasing them and have an Apple audio player then you might like to check these Denon’s out.

Denon has just released a brace of earbuds that will be available in July. So, welcome the AH-C560R and AH-C260R.

Both earphones offer full remote control over your music whether it be via an iPod, iPhone or iPad.

Control comes way of three buttons. Two control the volume (up and down natch) whilst the third rules them all. Well, it’s the one that operates the various media controls.

Denon have even thrown in a mic to control your iPhone 3GS using Apple’s Voice Control and also will enable hands-free phone calling.

The AH-C506R is the premium model. The £99.99 price tag brings you a hybrid metal housing to suppress vibration and the ear tips are soft foam for extra comfort.

The AH-C260R will hit you up for £44.99.

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