New coffee-loving Magicup Barista review and give-away!

magicup stoodAnyone that has known me for more than a week knows full well that I am not worth approaching before 10am or coffee #2 if you’re looking for social interaction. The risk of inadvertently loosing my liquid mojo during the rush hour scrum or simply through lack of co-ordination is one I try not to think about. Thankfully, Magicup has and offer a spill-proof cup designed to make coffee-lovers and Barista-botherers the world over less nervous.

Living in London, the prices in some of the swanky places to grab my caffeine fix alone are enough to make me come over all emotional. If, after handing over more than the equivalent of a pint of imported ale, I should stumble and loose the take-away cup’s precious cargo – I reckon I would be inconsolable.

The current raft of take-away cups also seem to dull the whole experience with the re-usable variety resembling something more akin to a kids tippy cup than something worthy of cradling this liquid fuel.

Magicup Barista design

UK-based Magicup has literally thrown its design in the ring.

As well as designing a cup that will prevent a coffee/crotch and/or keyboard interface from causing serious damage, the Magicup Barista has been designed to make drinking your morning coffee a more enjoyable experience.

Hands-up anyone that has slightly (or totally, for that matter) misjudged where that little opening in the take-away cup lid is and had boiling beverage stream down your cheek and chin.

Magicup sideNo more, if you have a Magicup Barista, as the thoughtful designers have conjoured up a lid that allows your brew to flow through from any angle of attack just like a regular open-top cup.

If you think that this sounds rather fool-hardy then wait a sec. This opening is also equipped with a self-closing valve that snaps shut in 0.15 seconds to retain at least 95% of the cup’s contents.

The cup is also designed to keep liquids contained without splashing on the bumpiest of commutes.

magicup barista howThe Magicup Barista also comes in a variety of patterns and colours so, if you can do this sort of thing on a morning, you are able to complement the cup with your outfit. As for me? I feel like a champ if I put on matching shoes!

Magicup Barista performance

The first, and most important, thing I tested was this anti-spillage brag. Using the coffee at my day-job (I wasn’t going to test it using a coffee bought at an expensive hipster outlet, was I?) I filled the Magicup about 90% of the way – a decent mug full.

magicup toplessThen, resting it on the sink drainer, knocked it over a few times. Each time the valve reacted and left nothing more than a dribble. It would be enough to shock your trouser area but not enough to warrant a change of clothes and a skin graft.

Using the Magicup Barista whilst walking around was pretty much issue free. If I was too enthusiastic then I might get some coffee attempting to escape down the sides of the opening, but I never got a full face of coffee.

magicup chillinSaying that though, having this new opening is worth that slight risk as this new lid design allows the aroma to tickle your nostrils when you take a sip. Something that you miss out on when using other take-away cups. You see, up to 80% of what we taste is experienced through our nose – and this goes for your morning brew too.

The Magicup Barista is double walled and easily kept my coffee warm for around half-an-hour when used at work. No more going for a slurp only to be greeted by a cold cappuccino. The insulated cup also means that it’s comfortable to hold.

To top all of that off, the Magicup Barista is dishwasher safe!

Magicup Barista review conclusion

I cannot see a reason why not to buy a Magicup Barista – whether you enjoy coffee on the move or have a cup at your workstation.

The clever valve design will prevent catastrophic spills, the double-walled insulation keeps your brew warm and your hands safe and the full-style opening allows the glorious waft of coffee to massage your nose awake.

Magicup Barista review price and availability

You can get a Magicup Barista right now in a selection of colours and patterns for £19.99 direct from Magicup’s website. This would make an excellent stocking filler too 😉

Dan Horne won the Magicup Barista prize draw! Congratulations Dan!

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