New BUGBase Brings Self-Build Mobile to Pre and Droid Smartphone Levels

Every hardware tweaker will know about BUGLabs‘ build-a-phone, kinda like a Modu self-build, but now it’s had a refresh.

BUG 2.0 is now faster and Android ready.

The latest BUGBase, which is essentially the brain and nerve center, has been upgraded to TI’s OMAP 3 platform.

Before I get “huh?” from you – this actually brings the base up to spec with the likes of Motorola’s Droid and the Palm Pre.

Because it now stands shoulder-to-shoulder with top-end smartphones it’s only reasonable that it should support Android – thankfully it does. This also gives the new BUGBase tastey access to the Android App Market.

Worry not gadget builders! Although the BUGBase is new and sparkly it will still play nice with all those other bits you’ve been using to create your frankengadgets with – whether they be WI-Fi radios, GPS receivers, speakers or the BUGMotion accelerometer.

As yet there’s no price or release date for the new BUGbase.

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