New BB10 L and N BlackBerry phones leaked in official video

BlackBerry Bold BB10The first BlackBerry Bold smartphone to use the new BlackBerry 10 operating system has made a surprise appearance online, thanks to an official video by RIM being leaked by one of the team.

An internal marketing video from BlackBerry makers Research in Motion somehow made its way onto video sharing site Vimeo by the ad’s editor – Rob Jury.

Needless to say that the video was quickly removed but not before the good people of Crackberry snaffled some screenshots.

The BlackBerry 10 range of phones will be split into two series – the full touch L series and the touch and type N series – the latter retaining BlackBerry’s famous QWERTY keyboard.

In the picture above what you have is the L series phone on the left rumored to be called the BlackBerry London.

On the right we have the N series phone which sports a very similar shape and keyboard design to the recent Bold 9900, not as curvy as an earlier concept I wrote about though. The main difference comes above the keyboard, where a much larger touchscreen takes up most of the phone.

For the N series BlackBerry 10 phones word on the street is that they will be endowed with touchscreens of 3-inches in size and above. This will make them much better for web browsing and games than previous BlackBerry Bold models which usually have to make do with a 2.6-inch screen.

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