New Apple TV landing in March with new apps, interface and content

apple tvApple are expected to release a new Apple TV set top box shortly and, according to a recent report, the new Apple TV will launch in March.

The current Apple TV is getting a little long in the tooth, to put it mildly — the basic design emerged in 2010, and the 2012 refresh was really about keeping up with the Joneses — but 9to5 Mac claims that there’s a substantial update in the pipeline.

Apple is reportedly “well into testing” a fourth-generation media hub that would include both a reworked interface and new forms of content.

One thing that many people have hoped Apple would add to their Apple TV is the ability to use apps and it is possible that both apps and games could be made available on existing Apple TV devices, and this may come in the form of an iOS software update.

The current Apple TV doesn’t come with any storage built in so all content is streamed to the device from your Mac or from iCloud. How Apple will actually get apps running on the device remains to be seen.

Apple may use iCloud to stream apps and games to the Apple TV, or they could include built in storage in the new Apple TV which would allow you to download and store apps and games.

Do you already have Apple TV? Would apps make a difference to you?

Let me know below.

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