New Apple Product Sneaked Online – Missed By Many!

apple-keyboard-topWho can tell me what else Apple released today?

We know about the Mac Mini, iMac, Mac Pros, Airport and Time Capsule.


They release new Apple keyboard!


Call yourselves Fanboys and girls?

Similar in form to Apple’s lovely wireless unit but this has a cable and a pair of USB ports.
So, if you’d rather not mess around with Bluetooth and/or batteries but love the Apple-flavoured word makers this is very much in your zone!

There’s all the usual function keys for music playback, volume and brightness, as well as dedicated keys for Exposé, and Dashboard.

The Apple Keyboard’s USB ports are proper USB 2.0 too, so you can hook up any high speed accessory, say an iPhone camcorder, digital camera, printer or number pad (as this has it lopped off) for example.

It will cost you the rather nice price of £27 from Apple of course!