New Apple MacBook Pro Rumours!

There have been the usual rumours ahead of the Keynote here are some of the more………confirmed variety.

It will be packing two NVIDIA GPUs inside.

The MacBook and 17-inch MacBook Pro aren’t getting refreshed.
John Gruber over at Daring Fireball says that the button-less trackpad is indeed glass, and “is a button itself”.

Mr Gruber also claims that none of the new laptops will reach the rumored $899 price point stating that the part number spotted in earlier rumours seems to be associated with a new 24-inch LED Apple Cinema Display with DisplayPort according to MacRumors, not a low-end MacBook.

To support this, Gruber says that the aluminum MacBooks will indeed be announced in $1,299 (2GHz, 2GB memory, 160GB disk) and $1,499 (2.4GHz, 2GB memory, 250GB disk) configs and will ship by the end of the week along with new 120GB HDD and 128GB SSD configurations of the MacBook Air. While CPU clocks will remain pretty much the same.

All new MacBooks, that’s the regular, Pro, and Air, will feature the new NVIDIA 9400M GPU.

The 15-inch MacBook Pro (the 17-inch will remain unchanged albeit with 4GB of memory and bigger 320GB disk) will feature a second 9600M GT GPU making it a true graphics powerhouse as previously speculated. Lastly, the current 2.1GHz white MacBook remains in the line-up but will be cut to $999.

Not long to wait now ;0,