Neurosky Mindset – Mind Powered Game Controller

mindset-blue-214x300Fancy controlling your games with the power of your mind?

Neurosky’s Mindset is  ready for PC gaming consumption starting in June according to the press release.

For those of you unaware of the Neurosky Mindset: It’s a gaming controller that monitors brainwaves and uses those readings to carry out specific actions within a game.

The demos include sliding boxes, lifting objects, and setting stuff on fire.

Quite mundanely in comparison; they also double as a pair of normal headphones with a bluetooth mic built-in.


By relaxing and concentrating you can change what happens on the screen.

There is a probe that helps pickup brainwave signals, or “electrical potentials”.

The computer detects the type and magnitude of waves you generate in certain scenarios, then adjusts the sensitivity during calibration so that gameplay should be achievable for everyone.

The Mindset isn’t attempting to replace standard gaming controls – apparently Neurosky is hoping that they’d add functionality that doesn’t require further, more complex button combos – which sounds a noble cause to me.

The Mindset will be available in June for around $200.

Neurosky says they would like to partner up with companies and developers down the road (they’re launching with Toshiba in Japan), but want to get the hardware out there so that apps can start showing up in the marketplace.

It looks like the main stumbling block will be third-party developer support as the system wont  add any new functionality to current games.

The kit will include:

* Instructional videos and detailed documentation
* “NeuroBoy,” – a game demo and example environment that highlights different ways to implement NeuroSky’s brainwave algorithms. In the game, you play as NeuroBoy, a gifted kid with mental super powers. Float, push, burn, and interact with the world using your mental might.
* Brainwave Visualizer and NeuroSky’s demonstration tools – The Brainwave Visualizer paints brainwave activity dynamically displaying the information in an artistic and vibrant manner. With the additional NeuroTech R&D Kit, users can perform their own brainwave research, or develop their own software and hardware applications to interact with, and take advantage of all the MindSet’s capabilities.

System Requirements:

* Windows Vista Preferred
* 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo or Equivalent Processor
* 1GB Memory
* DirectX 10
* 256MB 3D Graphics Card for Games/Demonstrations

 If you’re a bit handy there will be an SDK out in the summer so you can build your own apps.

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