Neuma Hybrid Tattoo Needle Gun – Eco Buzz

neumahybridtattoomachine3Those who know me will already be aware that I like inked skin – not silly cartoon characters or names of lovers: I mean body art that means something to the wearer and will continue to mean something when the ink has faded and the skin gone wrinkly.

If I hadn’t moved from Yorkshire to London I’m sure that I would’ve added more to the ones I have – I already have an Haida design in mind to go on my inner right forearm and my backpiece has been designed for about 6 years now.

Why all this tat talk anyhow?

Well, I’ve come across a hybrid tattoo machine.

The Neuma Hybrid is the next logical step from The original Neuma, which was the world’s first air-driven tattoo machine.

Its design promised a less painful tattoo – quite frankly none of my tats have been painful.  Now, some of the piercings however…………..~shudder~

The Neuma was also built from solid alluminium for easy medical-grade sterilisation which is obviously useful 🙂

The new Neuma Hybrid is lighter and weighs a svelt 3.7 ounces and it operates both under air pressure and electricity.

If anyone wants to try one of these out on me for a reduced price tat let me know 😉

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