NetTansorWeb Robot Puts Bloggers Out of Business!

Well, the age of people like me is slowly coming to an end.

Bandai corp unveiled the  at the Japan Robo Fair.

NetTansorWeb is made for home use and is controlled remotely via WiFi and comes equipped with cameras and motion sensors to avoid obstacles.

It can be used for surveillance and it can even send the video to a cell phone. So far we’ve heard this all before.

Apart from all that though, it’s able to read RSS feeds, update your blog with certain filters and process reviews (which includes answering simple questions from readers).

So, If someone writes a comment in which they desire to see a certain part of a picture posted in an article more clearly, the robot will parse the text and react accordingly.

The NetTansorWeb has a battery life of 2.5 hours and is sized at 190×160x160mm. Bandai plans to sell the Japan-only robot in December for $500.

Thankfully it can’t play bass………