Netgear Arlo Q HD camera UK launch

netgear arlo q camerasTuesday afternoon saw me at Netgear Arlo Q UK press launch.

The penthouse of swish central London boutique hotel was the setting for Netgear’s launch of the latest edition to their Arlo network camera line.

The Arlo Q is a powered camera and, as such, needs to be hooked up to the mains. This might at first seem like a step backwards to those of you already familiar with the wireless Arlo cameras that Netgear originally launched with, which are battery powered.

Netgear is quick to point out that having a constant power supply gives the Arlo Q scope to do even more.

For a start, the video quality can now be increased to cater for full HD 1080p, you also get two-way audio.

The Netgear Arlo Q has been designed for indoors use, unlike the more rugged Arlo.

This means that covering the living-room, which it will do without a problem thanks to its 130 degree field of vision, or perhaps use it in the nursery. It was also suggested that you could use it to keep an eye on your pets – being able to confuse your dog by talking to it remotely, for example.

netgear arlo q hd launchThe two-way audio system will allow you to shout at intruders, and hear their response but I could see this being used more for ordering cups of tea when I am locked to my computer upstairs.

To enable seamless video streaming and uninterrupted cloud recording, Arlo Q uses dual band WiFi for maximum wireless range and performance without interference. Fast access to all your cameras —whether Arlo Q or Arlo Wire-Free — is provided by the free Arlo app, which also puts your library of previously recorded videos in your pocket.

netgear arlo wirelessThere was a display of the Arlo wireless cameras, so as not to feel left out and, like the original Arlos, the Q is equipped with night vision so you’ll be able to see day or night and you can also set-up a range of motion alerts so you’ll know when someone is walking around your house.

The Arlo Q also adds sound alerts so, if your cat knocks over your 1949 Fender Broadcaster prototype whilst you’re out, you’ll get to hear it slam to the floor as well as see it there, broken.

The Netgear Arlo Q comes with a free basic video cloud storage plan, both motion- and sound-triggered videos are always stored in the cloud for seven days at no cost to customers. For an additional fee you can upgrade this to the Continuous Video Recording plan (CVR plan), which continuously records everything your cameras see 24/7 and securely stores this non-stop video feed in the cloud. You can rewind any camera to any point in time and track activity around the clock at your convenience.

Netgear has a challenging feature roadmap with enhancements coming to the app such as being able to arm and disarm the Arlo cameras more easily. My interest was piqued by their plans to add geo-fencing. This will arm or disarm the cameras based on where the registered smartphone(s) are.

So, as you get 100 metres away from home, the cameras will arm but, as you return to the same spot, they will disarm. The cameras can be set on timers as well as you being able to paint ‘activity windows’ so that, should you regularly get foxes at your patio doors, the camera won’t trigger at anything under 60cms, for instance.

These updates should roll out in April 2016 according to the presentation.

The Netgear Arlo Q is shipping now in the UK now for £169.99. I have one to review so stay tuned!