Netatmo camera recognises your furry friends

netatmo cameraFed up with your security camera mistaking your fur babies for intruders? Well, Netatmo is on the case.

Do you keep getting notification alerts of interlopers in your home, only to discover that its your furry-faced friend? By-the-way, I’m not talking about the hipsters in your home.

Netatmo is introducing a new and unique Pet Detection feature. This will allow you to track motion caused by your pets.

Thanks to an artificial intellegence algorithm, the Welcome camera can actually alert you when it detects an animal padding past.

netatmo camera and phoneYou can then choose whether to ignore these alerts or keep them running. You know, so you can check in on what your four-legged friend is up to.

The Netatmo Welcome packs some impressive facial recognition tech. I really like the fact that when it sends you an alert it will send you a picture and video of the unknown face it has seen.

Pet Detection will be progressively available as an automatic update from August 1st.