Nescafe “floaty cold” iced coffee maker

nestle tomy nescafe coffee makerIf, like me, you adore the pleasure of a good cup of coffee then the (rare, in the UK) warm summer days may present you with a problem. Hot cup of coffee or a cooling beverage? Usually this is solved with an ice coffee or an overpriced whipped, caffeinated drink from a huge tax-dodging outlet. Not if Nestle and Takara Tomy have their way.

Nestle Japan has announced a first of its kind coffee machine specially designed for those hot days.

The new coffee-maker has been developed along with toy maker Takara Tomy.

The, literally, cool machine makes cold coffees with a floating frozen cream on the top and Nestle says the texture and taste of the frozen cream is “unprecedented”.

I would love to taste the results myself so… if Nestle/Nescafe happens to be reading this and would like me to review this amazing contraption… 😉

nestle tomy nescafe coffee maker ad

Only 10,000 of these will be available in the land of the rising sun through an online competition.

Hmmm… I may be keeping an eye on the Japanese auction site next month.

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