Need to Take Meds? Get The Drugs to Text You When It’s Time

Intelligent_Bottle_CapsHere’s a tech way of reminding you to take your meds – get the drugs to text you.

These bottle tops will fire of an SMS to remind you that it’s time for you to take your pills.

Word is that these caps will also play jingles to coax you to get up and swallow your medicine.

If the bottle isn’t opened at the appointed time, the cap and night light start blinking to remind the owner to take the medication. If that doesn’t serve as enough of a hint, they start playing jingles as well. If the bottle stays unopened, the night light will send a message to Vitality’s system, which can then place an automated phone call or send a text message with a reminder.

A price for the new system hasn’t been disclosed. Vitality hopes insurance and drug companies will get on board with the system and cover the cost.

This system has already been given the support of AT&T and such so it looks like it’ll soon be bugging pill-poppers in the States.

So, no word on price yet but can you think of any other uses for these tops?

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