NEC Add SRS To Their N Series Mobile Phones

nec_n-01a_1The days of sharing your conversations with everyone could soon be at an end.

NEC has just announced the world’s first mobile phones with ‘audio enriching’ and noise-cancelling SRS TruMedia built-in.

With what the techies call an active ambient noise management system: TruMedia allows users to be better heard and to heard.

In normal listening environments it’s said that voices are given a Barry White-like deep, rich bass (that’s gonna freak anyone getting a call from their lady!).

SRS TruMedia also aims to provide a cinema-like 5.1 surround sound experience over headphones, when viewing multichannel video content. It doesn’t sound as if it will have virtual surround tech.

The NEC N-01A, N-02A, and N-04A DoCoMo handsets all feature 3-inch screens and 200+ minutes of 3G talk-time. “SRS technologies offer a clear and demonstrable audio difference, so when we were designing our new phones to deliver a comprehensive and superior multimedia experience, SRS TruMedia was the obvious choice,” says Mr. Kazuyuki Tsunoda, General Manager, Mobile Terminals Development Division, NEC Corporation. “We are very pleased to work so closely with the SRS experts when developing our new mobile phones. And, thanks to SRS TruMedia, we are very excited to bring to our customers the audio experience they’ve been asking for – one with realistic dimension and dynamic range, seamlessly integrated into a potent audio suite.”