Neato Botvac and Echo Alexa connected

neato-bv-connected-aboveangle-hiWe at GadgetyNews love it when two things we really like come together. We’ve just had word that the award-winning Neato Botvac Connected is the first Neato robot vacuum that can be controlled via the Alexa voice service using devices like the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot.

The smart home is slowly becoming something most consumers are getting in to. They see the convenience of an intelligent connected device through which they can manage their home.

For example, Alexa is able to assist users with everything from turning off lights to ordering a pizza. With the Neato Botvac Connected integration, Alexa can now voice-control the Neato robot vacuum. All it takes is a simple voice command – ‘Alexa, ask Neato to start cleaning’ – and it’s done. Doing simple tasks is just the first step.

botvac-connected-with-neato-app-wifiWe were very impressed by both the Dot and Neato’s Botvac Connected. Both have left Gadgety HQ with an odd space in our lives now they have gone.

The Botvac is an excellent domestic droid with superb performance and intuitive controls. Those controls are about to become even more intuitive.

Botvac and Echo Alexa

Can anything be more natural than asking some one/thing a favour?

Well, as we found out with the excellent Alexa, getting the latest news read to you or a Spotify playlist played simply by asking is very cool.

neato-botvac-connected-with-phone_newneatoappNow, thanks to an update, getting your room vacuumed is now just as easy as getting a playlist running.

Giacomo Marini, Chairman and CEO of Neato Robotics says:

Neato’s innovation is a huge leap forward for the smart home. Alexa-enabled Botvac Connected advances Neato’s vision of SmartLife™ —where using the latest technology to make your life easier is the clear path to smart living,”

Botvac Connected Alex controls

As of today, Today, if the Neato Botvac Connected is already vacuuming your floors, and you get a phone call, just say ‘Alexa, ask Neato to pause cleaning’ and it will obey. Then, give a resume cleaning command once you are off the phone.

amazon-echo-dotThe combination of Neato and Alexa means you can keep doing what you are doing and voice command your Botvac Connected at the same time so it fits into your SmartLife.

Botvac Connected with Alexa availability

All existing and new Botvac Connected customers will have access to the Amazon Alexa skill today in the US, UK and later this year in Germany.

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