Navigate Christmas with Garmin’s nüvi 3598LMT-D sat-nav

Garmin nuviFrom arriving on time for the festive family feast to finding the best routes for weekends away – finding your way around has just got a whole lot easier, thanks to Garmin’s latest top of the range sat-nav – the award-winning nüvi 3598LMT-D.

The nüvi 3598LMT-D uses state of the art technology to avoid traffic while giving you intuitive, voice-activated guidance using local landmarks. It also gives you lifetime access to the fastest and most accurate digital traffic technology, free map upgrades, speed camera alerts, hands-free calls and much more.

Instead of just barking out street names, Garmin Real Directions uses landmarks, too, and talks to you just like a friend, using terms such as, ‘turn left at Starbucks’ and ‘turn right at the cathedral’.

The real-time traffic function also has voice capability, telling you about a traffic incident and allowing you to immediately ask for the best alternative route – all while keeping your eyes on the road.

Garmin’s ‘Digital Traffic’ technology delivers more detailed and more frequently updated information on traffic than ever before, using the latest DAB technology which requires no internet connection and no subscription – ever. (Hence LMT-D standing for Lifetime Map Updates and Digital Traffic).

The nüvi 3598LMT-D sat-nav offers unique technology and visual animation to ensure that changing lanes and negotiating tricky junctions is a doddle: PhotoReal Junction View (shown above) provides realistic images of the landscape, road signs and interchanges; Birds Eye View gives you a useful perspective on complicated junctions from above; while Active Lane Guidance eliminates any last-minute stress when negotiating tricky junctions by giving you voice prompts in plenty of time to move into the correct lane with confidence.

The slim five-inch multi-touch screen of the nüvi 3598LMT-D sat-nav comes with a powered magnetic mount which automatically snaps the sat-nav into place – making it easy to attach as well as keep charged. 3D buildings and updates on nearby restaurants, garages, hospitals and shops are just a few of the other cherries on the cake.

With built-in Bluetooth technology, you can sync your mobile for hands-free phone calls and access your phone book or call history without needing to look at, touch or even find your phone. ‘Garmin Smartphone Link’ means that you can search an address on your smartphone and by the time you switch on your sat-nav, the destination will have already been preloaded. Among its many other features, it provides weather information and can help you find parking spaces in the run-up to Christmas or during the January sales.

‘Garmin Express’ will even keep your sat-nav bang up to date with free lifetime software and map updates, so you won’t have to worry about old maps, new road layouts or the cost of upgrades.

In a nutshell the nüvi 3598LMT-D sat-nav provides the following:

  • Garmin Real Directions: Your new best friend will guide you using landmarks, buildings and traffic lights – not just yards and miles!
  • PhotoReal Junction View, Birds Eye View and Active Lane Guidance: Change lanes and negotiate tricky junctions with ease.
  • Digital Traffic: If there are queues ahead you’ll know about them.
  • Garmin Smartphone Link: Search an address on your smartphone for it to appear on your sat-nav when you turn it on.
  • Garmin Express: You’ll always be able to find new bars, shops and restaurants with the latest software.
  • Speed camera alerts: Drive safely and legally as you’re accurately alerted to cameras.
  • Voice-activated navigation: Simply state where you want to go and keep your hands on the wheel.
  • Hands-free calls: Make and take calls without lifting a finger.

Garmin nüvi 3598LMT-D sat-nav has a RRP of £299.99

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