NASA Planning Tractor Bots To Prepare Moon For Outpost

silentrunningNASA has commissioned a feasibility study regarding a plan to use little tractor bots to work on a lunar outpost before the humans show up and start a colony or such.

So far, it seems, the research is pointing to this being a good idea.

The theory is for these 330 pound mower-sized bots to turn up on the moon and prep the lunar surface so that building can commence.

Basically these bots will shift dirt around so that roads, buildings, landing sites and shopping malls can be built.

Ok, so I added the shopping mall bit.

The robotic Tonka Toys seem to love making burms out of the moon dirt which is good because a kind of “blast shield” is needed to make sure debris from takeoff and landing doesn’t damage the settlements once built.

Perhaps the next step would be to have drones like Huey, Duey and Louis from Silent Runnings to tend the moon gardens………..

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