NAD VISIO 1 AP Wi-Fi, AirPlay and Bluetooth music system released

VISO 1 AP whiteIf you have much of your music stored away on a hard-drive, but want to listen to it in your living room, then a networked player is the easiest route to go. If you also need Bluetooth and AirPlay connectivity all wrapped up in a cool design from a trusted audio brand then you should check out the NAD VISO 1 AP.

It all gets a little tricky. You love music but you’re low on storage space for CDs, let alone vinyl. The obvious thing to do is go digital. But then, the bulk of your tunes end up squirreled away on your computer and phone. Not great if you prefer to listen to your music in a room other than the one which houses your puter.

True, you could hook up your laptop to your Hi-Fi but that’s less than elegant.

The ideal would be to have a way to listen to music from your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth with the option to stream your tunes wirelessly to where you need it.

There are many docks out there as well as Bluetooth speakers but not that many that offer both, and even fewer that are from a respected audiophile company. The B&W Zeppelin springs to mind but that’s about it.

The NAD VISO 1 AP promises to provide detailed, lifelike sound from a modern-looking and stylish system which features both Apple AirPlay and Bluetooth wireless audio streaming technologies.

Whether you own an iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone or tablet, you’ll be able to experience accurate, room-filling sound from your favorite audio files, music apps, and even video or game soundtracks.

As you would expect from such a renowned company, there’s a number of clever things happening within that curvy exterior.

The VISO 1 AP contains a whole host of sophisticated electronics. The system bypasses the audio circuitry in your portable device, handling the incoming digital music signal with its own precise, audiophile-quality DAC (digital-to-analog converter).

Each of the two high-performance full-range drivers has its own amplifier, which should ensure accurate, robust sound quality. And the two drivers are housed in separate internal enclosures to prevent acoustic cross-interference, keeping the sound clean and clear.

Just as they did with the VISO HP50 headphones, NAD called in the expertise of their sister company PSB who are known for their high-performance speakers.

Told you it was clever.

VISO 1 AP backAnother key to the VISO 1 AP’s exceptional wireless sound quality is aptX audio coding, an advanced type of Bluetooth wireless streaming that retains virtually all the detail of the audio signal it carries. And if your Bluetooth device doesn’t have aptX, don’t worry — the VISO 1 AP is also backwards-compatible with earlier forms of Bluetooth. So you can wirelessly stream your music from almost any portable device and still enjoy great sound.

The inclusion of AirPlay technology lets you wirelessly connect your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or computer running iTunes to the VISO 1 AP via your Wi-Fi network.

Stream audio from your Apple portable directly to the system. Or stream music from the iTunes library on your laptop or desktop computer and use your Apple portable as a remote to make selections, as well as adjust volume.

“We found many customers preferred using the VISO 1’s wireless Bluetooth capability rather than docking their iPod” explained Greg Stidsen, NAD’s Director of Technology and Product Planning, “with the NAD VISO 1AP we’ve removed the dock but expanded the wireless capability by adding wi-­fi and AirPlay. Naturally, the NAD VISO 1’s incredible sound quality is left untouched in the VISO 1AP version, and both versions will continue to be available.”

In addition to Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity, the NAD VISO 1 AP also includes a USB input and a 24/96 capable optical input allowing the connection of many digital devices such as thumb drives, CD players and set top boxes.

That USB port on the back lets you make a direct connection with your Apple portable device for playback and recharging.

The NAD VISO 1 AP is available in the UK now and priced at around £499 it certainly has the B&W Zeppelin AirPlay in its sights.

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