N96 In Store September 2008

N96 Out Sept 08
N96 Out Sept 08

I’m a fan of Noks N95. 

I love the camera, I love the screen and I loved it as anyone would love their first smartphone.

Looking around the City I see that it is still a very popular phone.

I’ve had plenty of searches regarding the release of it’s heir and then saw this.

It looks like the N96 is coming in September.

It will be running the Symbian OS 9.3 Series 60 3rd Edition Feature Pack with a 16.3 GB (accessible: 16.2 GiB) memory and a screen res of 240 x 320.

It also will be packing DVB-H, Satellite Navigation with Assisted GPS the 5mp snapper we all knnow and love with the bonus of everyone’s new favourite toy; a Built-in accelerometer.

Can’t wait to get one to review!  (Hint!)

Update:  It appears that it has been pushed back to October according to Carphone Warehouse.

Thanks Rob :0)