N-Strike Elite Pocketstrike phone-sized foam dart flinger

nerf n-strike elite pocketstrikeHave you Nerfed someone who has promised their Nerf revenge but you just don’t know when they’ll strike?

Well, there are occasions when you can’t be walking around armed with your favourite sponge-projectile firing weapon of choice. So what do you do? Do you leave home unarmed? Nope. Not now, anyway.

Let me introduce you to the tiniest addition to Nerf’s 2016 lineup, the new N-Strike Elite Pocketstrike blaster.

The Pocketstrike can be easily hidden away so that your foe will mistake you for someone who is unable to defend themselves. BWahahahahaah!

The N-Strike Elite Pocketstrike promises to be around the same size as your smartphone and will cost you less than a tenner when it comes out around Autumn-time.

It comes with two darts so if you miss your target on the first shot, you’ll have a second opportunity to strike. Look at it as a Nerf Derringer.