N-Gage Games Will Be Transferable – Eventually

So proves the power of blogs and the consumer!

It’s been a mere week since the kerfuffle over the fact that N-Gage games were not transferable started to grab some folks attention.

Nokia has now come out and said that users will be able to take their games with them to a new handset after all – RAH!

Eventually. Hmmmm………..

According to Nokia communications manager, Oskar Södergren, some apparent “miscommunication” on Nokia’s part is apparently to blame for users being left up in the air on the matter.

He goes on to say that something had apparently led to some “mixed messages” being passed around inside Nokia as well.

He also added that Nokia has in fact “been working on a way for this to work since the relaunch, but it is taking some time for everything to fall into place.”

PC World