N-Gage Games Not Transferable Shocker!


You fork out for some N-Gage games but you also want the latest Nokia mobile. 

You get your shiny new handset only to find that the lovely games that you’ve racked up high-scores on will have to be bought all over again. NOOOOOOoooooooooo!

Yup – the games aren’t transferrable reports All About N-Gage.

This sounded wrong to me. Afterall, an N-Gage user has the option of downloading the games to their computer first and then side-loading them over to the device.

“N-Gage activation codes only work on the device where they were first activated. As with any digital media there is a potential risk of piracy and this policy is one of the ways Nokia is dealing with piracy and ensuring partners receive their rightful revenues from its platform. If users need to repair their device, the activation codes will be reissued. Also, if you purchase a new N-Gage compatible device, you will need to purchase your games again.”

We can all dig the piracy issue but surly there should be another way – does the same happen with the ‘With Music’ tunes you’ve downloaded?