Myzone fitness trackers for every body

myzone mz3We have all made promises to ourselves to become fitter. However, being surrounded by buff gym addicts tends to send me back to the loving arms of chocolate. Well, the Myzone fitness tracker could help us.

Myzone is a wearable fitness tracker that shows and rewards effort when you exercise. It analyses your potential based on your maximum heart rate and then creates bespoke targets just for you.

Myzone – strong not skinny

myzone fight trainingMore and more women are favouring the ‘strong not skinny’ motto of strength training over cardio. Myzone effectively calculates the effort put into weight training in a similar manner to that of cardio. It also aims to help dispel the myths surrounding women and weight training by demonstrating how effective it is.

The tracker is available as a chest belt and can be embedded into a sports bra or compression top made from the latest sweat-resistant materials.

Personal effort

myzone crunchThis revolutionary focus on personal effort means that you can compete with anyone on a level playing field. OK, so will probably still finish behind Mo Farah in an endurance run; however, if you exerted greater effort you will come out top because you’ve worked harder.

The makers claim it is the most accurate calorie cruncher on the market. They base this on the fact that wrist-based trackers rely on guesswork to get your heart rate. This generally results in an inaccurate, irrelevant calculation of calories burnt. Firstly, Myzone has a heart rate accuracy of over 99%. Secondly, it uses this in conjunction with personal body metrics to ensure calorie-burning calculations are accurate and personal to you.

Five simple colour codes starting at grey and ending on red, provide an at-a-glance look at the effort you are putting in. The harder you work, the higher up the colour scale you go, earning you highly addictive Myzone Effort Points (MEPs).

Additionally, unlike many other trackers, Myzone doesn’t discriminate between exercise styles. This means that you can score MEPs for virtually any activity from ice-skating to weight-lifting, jogging to horse-riding.

Myzone specs

The lightweight MZ-3 tracker features up to seven months of battery life on a single charge and 16 hours of internal data storage. Additionally, it is water resistant to a depth of 10-metres.

myzone mz50There is also a water resistant MZ-50 watch available in four colours. This displays real-time data and includes stopwatch, count down timer, alarm and interval timer functionality.

The app is compatible with Apple Watch, Android Wear, selected GPS wearables and third-party apps such as Strava and MapMyRun. The app is free to download for iOS or Android.


Dave Wright CEO of Myzone said

Following Myzone’s values to encourage and motivate sustained physical activity, Zone Match aims to deliver chanllenges to users on the Myzone app that give them control of their activity, choosing their Zone Match dependant on their time but ultimately motivating them to gain Myzone Effort Points (MEPs), to gamify their activity.”

Price and availability

  • MZ-3 Physical Activity Belt £129.99
  • MZ-50 Watch £99.99
  • Sports Bra £49.99
  • Compression Top £59.99
  • MZ-3 Physical Activity Belt and Watch £179.99

All items are available to purchase from