Mystery New Dyson Product Caught on Video

The Dyson Air Multiplier has proven its worth over the hot and sticky last few weeks.

It’s bladeless cooling is very useful in times like these – but what would you do if you had plenty many of these things just scattered about the place?

Well, as the video below shows – folk at the Dyson factory seem to have way too much time on their hands!

As well as being a very ‘cool’ video and sparking off various ideas involving remote controlled helicopters and paper aeroplanes there is more to this video than you might notice on the first watching.

At the 1:23 marker Dyson have blurred something out on the factory floor… it seems pretty big but what could it be?

Have they employed illegal droids or is it a Dyson fridge or perhaps the reintroduction of the Dyson washing machine?

What other regular household items would benefit from the Dyson touch?

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