Myspace Plans to Become Top Online Music Hub

A leaked document shows that Myspace (remember that?) is on a whole new drive to get people interested in the pre-Facebook social hub.

Today’s event will apparently have Myspace and new owner Specific Media revealing their plans to revive the almost ignored social network. The plan to reanimate the site will be focused on music – as the only people still using the site seems to be musicians, promoters and venues this is not a huge surprise.

Myspace is aiming to to become “the #1 online community music destination.”

More than just being a social network for updates and events, Myspace will likely use its existing music licensing agreements to develop a new platform based on ad-supported music and video streaming.

Just how Myspace plans to become the daddy of social music after losing 10Million members is still yet to be seen.

All should be revealed soon – what do you think its chances are?

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