Mynt tracker review

Mynt tracker


Build quality




Ease of use







  • Small
  • Looks good
  • Reliable tracking
  • Replaceable battery
  • Those extra skills


  • Bit bulky for my wallet

Mynt tracker reviewBluetooth tracking devices are handy, there is no doubt about that. I’ve been using a fresh one called Mynt. But it is more than just a tracker.

I guess with the amount of trackers appearing, you have to do something to stand out from the crowd.

Some get famous designers involved. Others go to be crowned the smallest, thinnest or lightest.

Slightech decided to add, rather than remove, functions. Is this enough?

Mynt tracker design

The Mynt Smart Tracker is compact, as these devices should be. Let’s face it, their main job is to stay with your keys, wallet, purse or bag. Who needs extra bulk in those situations?

Mynt tracker with keysThe tracker is finished in a rather nice brushed metal effect. This does add some premium style to it.

Mynt is 1-inch wide by 2.2-inches tall. It’s quite a bit smaller than the original Tile. Mynt is only waffer thin too – measuring just 3.5mm.

There is a small hole to run your keyring or lanyard through.

Most important to note, however, is the button in the centre of the device. You need this in order to pair it to your phone, but also more than that.

Mynt bundleThe battery is replaceable, it comes with two. One already fitted and a spare.

Mynt tracker performance

Download the free application on to your smartphone, and connect it to your Mynt. I had a few false starts as I did not realise that, in the wizard, you need to tap the moving Mynt icon. Once that was realised, all was smooth sailing.

Now you just have to attach the tracker to anything you’re worried about losing. You can put it on your keyring, or slip it into a wallet, fasten it to your childern. You get the idea.

slightech mynt tracker backWhen you activate the app, Mynt will chirp so you can find your protected item.


Once you have the app installed, it is always running in the background of your smartphone.

Thanks to Mynt running on Bluetooth 4.0 LE, it shouldn’t really sap your phone’s battery.

Mynt suitcase nearThe other thing about this Bluetooth standard is that it has about a 150 foot range. So, once it detects that the connection is broken, the app knows you’ve left something behind – or it has been removed without you knowing.

When this happens, you won’t be able to use the sound location function. But, all is not lost.

Mynt away from homeIf you need whatever you’ve hooked your Mynt to, but it’s not currently in range, you’ll be given the GPS coordinates of the last place it was seen.

So, if your keys are still at the pub you’ll know.

Mynt suitcase trackedBut, what if someone’s walked off with your gear? Well, this is where Mynt’s community comes in to action.

When you report lost items in the Mynt app, all your fellow users around the globe will help you find it.

Each phone with the Mynt installed can detect a Mynt device within 150 feet. This means that you will have the help of a network supported by hundreds of thousands people.


This thing is going to be rattling around in your pockets or bag, so it needs to be tough. you’d expect, it’s constructed completely from metal.

Mynt tracker stonesActually, it’s metal construction and fully sealed joints has enabled it to receive an IP43 rating.

IP43 means that Mynt’s guaranteed to withstand wet environments, and even the occasional splash. You might not want to take it swimming, but a quick dip in the sink shouldn’t cause any concern.

Battery life

As previoulsy mentioned, the Mynt has a replaceable battery. Each one should last for around 6 months each.

So, with the spare, you should see a year’s worth of protection.

Bonus round

By pressing the Mynt’s button the tracker can actually work in reverse. The app on your phone will be activated, causing it to make the same chirping noises as the tracker itself. This only works if your phone is within the 150-foot range, so it’s ideal for finding your phone if you lose it in the house.

Yeah, other trackers do that.

What separates the Mynt from the others is that the button can be programmed to do other things.

Mynt presentation remote Mynt camera remote Mynt music remoteYou could use it to advance slides in a PowerPoint presentation, control smart lights, work your camera shutter, control music players, or anything else that supports a Bluetooth remote.

It’s not going to set the world alight, but it’s a nifty addition. You have to agree with that.

Mynt tracker review conclusion

Mynt is a decent tracker. It works as promised and looks good whilst doing it.

I like the replaceable battery so that you don’t have to keep on replacing the device.

While the added remote control smarts are a nice touch, it isn’t going to be the reason to buy it. Nor is the fact that it is a Red Dot Award winner.

I would buy this simply because its compact and does what it should.

Mynt tracker price and availability

You can buy your own Mynt tracker right now for $19.99 direct from Slightech.

Mynt coloursAlternatively, you can nab one from Amazon UK for £17 one or £60 for four (one of each colour).