MWC 2016 – iPhone 7 modem downloads HD movies in seconds

iPhone 7 modem rumouriPhone 7 could well be loaded with a super-speedy modem which will enable it download movies in seconds over a wireless LTE connection.

News has landed that, if Apple chooses to put Qualcomm’s new modem in the iPhone 7, it will be able to perform amazing feats of downloading not before seen from a smartphone.

Qualcomm has provided the modem for the iPhone for a number of years and has just announced a new model that would let users get speeds that are 500 per cent faster than 3G.

The Snapdragon X16 LTE modem, as it is known, is capable of download speeds up to 1Gbps, a huge boost on what is capable today, but without the need to drastically enhance the network infrastructure.

This all means that users who have the modem in their phone and are on a network capable of delivering those speeds can have instant access to the cloud as if it was on the device, play 360 video instantly, and be able to make even crisper and clearer video calls.

The US, Korea, and India will be some of the first countries to benefit from the speeds, and the UK will be joining in very soon as EE is rumoured to be trialling a 1Gbps network in London before the end of 2016.

iphone 7 modem newsAccording to Pocket-lint this tech will not only be on display at MWC 2016 but should be shoved in the first commercial devices by the second half of 2016.

However, you might have to wait a couple of years before the modem and the ability to connect at those speeds to be anywhere near common.

Naturally, Qualcomm isn’t ready to confirm whether or not the modem will make it into the iPhone 7. They have said that the company is working with a number of partners, and that you can expect to see this new 1Gbps capable modem in range of different devices.

Will this be something you keep in mind when buying your next smartphone?