MVR Ascend wireless VR for £129

mvr-ascendI’ve played the pre-production version and was impressed. Now, you have a chance to experience the MVR Ascend yourself.

MVR Ascend is a tether-free, smartphone based, Virtual Reality (VR) headset and controller that can transform existing and future First Person and Open World PS4, Xbox One and PC games into VR.

MVR has been set up by a group of technology enthusiasts who are keen to bridge the gap that exists in the VR gaming world today. There are some amazing devices currently available but some of them are a bit expensive, have limited games and physically tether you to a computer/console. Others are affordable and tether-free but allow you to only play basic smartphone apps.

mvr-ascend-and-controllersThe aim was to play the top AAA games in VR (not just apps or short unknown games). Not only that, they wanted to be tether-free so as not to get caught up in wires.

As if that wasn’t enough, they wanted to make something affordable!

MVR Ascend

  • H1 Headset – A feature rich headset with patent granted flip-up function and built-in high quality speakers for full VR immersion.
  • P1 Controller – The controller works with both the PS4 and PC. The P1 converts your “normal” games into VR using our patent pending technology. The controller can also be used as a secondary controller, for normal game play on your TV, by detaching the cable that attaches to proprietary sensors which sits on the back of the H1 headset.
  • X1 Controller – This controller works with both the Xbox One and PC, converting your “normal” games into VR. The X1, like the P1 controller, can also be used as a secondary controller by detaching the cable that attaches to the proprietary sensors on the back of the H1 headset.
  • S1 Screen – Currently the Xbox One does not stream to smartphones, so they are going to create a special screen that you can slide into the H1 headset to stream to from the Xbox One.

MVR Ascend Kickstarter deals

You can jump in to VR for the early bird price of £129 for the MVR P1 package or £179 for the MVR X1 package.

Both works with PCs! #PCMasterRace 😉

Head over to Kickstarter now, they’ve already raised over £2,000!