Must have tech gadgets for Summer 2017

nintendo switch neonWith spring in full swing and summer just around the corner, it’s time to start looking at all those cool tech gadgets we want for that play time we have been looking forward to all year.

Whether you are looking for gifts for family or friends, or just looking to treat yourself, here is a sample of what’s trending for summer 2017.

Fitness wearables

So, you want to spend some time this summer taking off those extra pounds you gained over this very long and very, very cold winter?

Did you know that even Walmart is selling fitness wearables now?

Fitbit Alta topCheck out your local Walmart for the latest rage in fitness wearables, Fitbit, that is on display in every supercenter no matter where you live. Keep track of your vitals while you walk, jog, run or play. It’s a must have techie gadget for those looking to get in shape this summer.

Vaping mods and e-cigs

With more and more states passing even stricter legislation on tobacco and tobacco products, an increasing number of people are making the switch. If you are new to e-cigs and vaping, you might want to get a starter kit that gives you everything from the e-juice you’ll need to extra cartridges and the power cord to recharge your unit.

With the high cost of cigarettes, over $10 a pack in many locations, it makes sense to look at a starter kit from a company like Eleaf. No one can promise you’ll quit smoking but you sure will be able to enjoy a puff or two when out and about this summer.

Nintendo Switch

switch portableSpeaking of making the switch, what about the latest technology from Nintendo?

How many times have you been away from home wishing you had your gaming system with you?

Nintendo answered that need with one of their latest offerings, the Nintendo Switch. You can transform this one system from your home unit to an on-the-go gaming device and bring your favourite games right along with you as you travel. Reluctant to spend vacation away from home because that unit is too bulky to bring along? Make the switch to Nintendo Switch and you can gratefully spend time on the beach by day, and by night? Well, the beach is good too because you can plug in your Switch and play a handheld version of the very same games you thought you’d need to leave behind.

PowerRay underwater drone by PowerVision

Looking forward to some fun on the water this summer? Finally, a chance to see what’s going on at depths up to 98 feet without donning all that gear to go diving or snorkelling.

PowerVision-PowerRay-lifestyle-with-fishThe PowerRay Underwater Drone designed and produced by PowerVision lets you explore and film what goes on in those depths without ever once getting your feet wet! You might be subject to a splash here and there as other divers hit the water, but you won’t need to jump in yourself.

Take pictures of aquatic life for pleasure or to use for professional purposes, but all without going under and that’s something that most non-swimmers will appreciate! A bit pricey but worth every cent if you’ve always dreamed of exploring the depths but were afraid to wander in yourself!

A new twist in home security

So, you want to go away but are reluctant to leave all those techie gadgets at home? Is the cost of a security system too much for coverage throughout a broader area of the home? Have no fear this summer!

kuri robot CES 2017 story time Kuri has developed a wandering security camera that propels itself around the home, taking in shot after shot of all your vulnerabilities. It may not do all that you want it to do and you may not be able to reach all the areas that need watching, but it’s a cool gadget anyway and one that should be on the list of any techie looking to get away for a while this summer.


From cute little wandering security cams to fitness wearables, vaping kits and underwater drones, there is sure to be a techie gadget just for you for the summer of 2017. With the speed at which technology is advancing, this leaves us wondering what it will be like at Christmas this year! Start with these little gadgets that will add so much pleasure (and a touch of security) to your summer. There’s time enough to worry about winter later. It isn’t even summer yet, so what’s the rush?


Provided by Click Intelligence