Musical Fidelity M6si integrated amp unboxing

MF M6si and eltonA rather large box arrived for me yesterday and inside it was Musical Fidelity’s latest integrated top-end amplifier – the M6si. After wrestling with the 21.5KG package I managed to get inside.

I am definitely going to take my time to review this amp and allow it to get settled and warmed up so, I thought I might show you a bit of an unboxing in the meantime.

The external packing carton was your usual brown affair and the MF box was their usual, understatedly classy, mostly white job.

The amp was well packed, as it should be to account for the extra 5KG!

MF M6si unboxing 1 velvet bagInside the boxes is a lovely black velour bag which contains the amp.

MF M6si unboxing 2As well as the amp there’s the expected power cable, remote control, manual, cleaning cloth and guarantee cards.

MF M6si unboxing 3 letter and glovesWhat I didn’t expect was an envelope addressed to Fellow Music Lover and a pair of white cotton gloves – Sha’mon!

MF M6si unboxing 4 letterThis is what the letter said. Nice touch, I reckon 🙂

MF M6si unboxing 5 showing shoulderHere’s the Musical Fidelity M6si being all coquettish…

MF M6si unboxing 6 full frontalFinally, the front of the amp before being installed. Notice the V90 system in the background looking rather intimidated 😉

MF M6si unboxing 7 booty shot… and a cheeky shot of the rear. Plenty of inputs, including balanced XLRs.

I hope that this has sated your Hi-Fi yearning for a little while. As soon as I’ve tested the Musical Fidelity M6si amp out for long enough to give it full credit, I’ll post up a full review.

Needless to say, however, that the first few hours listening to a variety of tracks on different formats through this beast has not been disappointing at all 😉

Details of the amp’s specification can be found on Musical Fidelity’s website.