Music services for Google Glass being announced today

Google Glass MusicAccording to a report by the New York Times, Google will announce a rich new set of musical features for its hi-tech specs, Glass, today with promises of a better audio experience.

As Google ramps up its efforts to make Google Glass available to the wider public, it is adding more features to create a more complete experience on Glass.

The New York Times reports that today Google will release a set of features to let users interact with music on Google Glass.

Users will be able to search for songs, scan through saved playlists and listen to music, all by issuing vocal commands to Google Glass.

The paper explains that Glass will soon allow users to search for songs, scan through saved playlists and choose songs by simply barking “listen to”. Powered by Play Music, it will allow the wearer to stream their own music, or access other playlists and song recommendations on the cloud.

googleglass 2 monobud

This probably explains why Google introduced a “mono earbud” for the updated version of Glass that will be released to its Explorer program later this year. The New York Times also says that Google will be introducing a set of stereo earbuds for Glass, which will go on sale by the end of this month for $85 (roughly £55).

Certainly, there’s a convenience in not having to whip out a smartphone every time you need to change a track, and presumably that’s what Google is hoping to leverage.

Google Glass will stream music through Google Play when a user names a song or artist. Ed Sanders, the director of marketing for Google Glass, said in a statement to the NYT that Google is “building a great music experience on Glass” with these new features.

Google has been updating Google Glass before the release of the device to its Explorer program later this year, and an official accessory store quietly came online at the end of last month.

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