Music Brings Us Together – KitSound looking for bands and artists

KitSound HNTR-poloroidsKitSound are after new music. Their ‘Music Brings Us Together’ campaign is something that GadgetyNews can certainly get behind.

Music has power. The connection music can build between us all that is deeper than sound. It has passion, and an emotional connection that can inspire, inform, motivate, and establish relationships.

No matter the genre, language, or geographic location of music, people are moved by it. It cultivates emotions, starts conversations, and has the power to unite even strangers.

Music brings us together

KitSound’s ‘Music Brings Us Together’ campaign was born from an enthusiasm to be a part of those connections. They want bring people closer together, to follow, support, and shout about inspiring emerging bands.

kitsound music brings us togetherNot only that, they are looking to provide a platform from which they can share their stories, nurture their passion for music, and continue to create organic musical conversations to inspire, and bring us together through their music.

KitSound collaborations

The first collaborations to be released will be with up-and-coming bands HNTR, The Leylines, Shields, and artists, Lucy Mason and Nate James.

HNTR (pronounced Hunter) is a five piece Essex/London band with their own signature British indie rock/folk sound, drawing inspiration from Fleet Foxes and Mumford & Sons.

The Leylines take folk in a different direction – towards punk with striking bass lines and soulful vocals.

Shields offer haunting vocals that stick with you throughout the day.

Lucy Mason turns pop on its head and surprises with every track, and completes the current KitSound group.

Nate James was awarded with two MOBO nominations for his first album. This soul singer-songwriter has performed with Jools Holland and is constantly surprising his fans with his innovative writing style.

The campaign started this month, revealing behind the scenes footage, video interviews, and sneak peek photographs of the different artists, so make sure that you’re following KitSound on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Artist or band?

If you’re an emerging artist or band KitSound is on the lookout for you to join the campaign.

Get in contact with KitSound, and become a part of a quest to bring more people together.

Bands and artists can send their details to KitSound here, or email

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