Music Bloodline – Discover New Music and Find the Major Influencers

music bloodline rolling stonesI love discovering new music, or even old music that passed me by. I’ve used Spotify, Lastfm and host of other tools on my quest – the lastest also helps you see who influenced bands and, in turn, who that band went on to influence. It’s called Music Bloodline.

WARNING! Using Music Bloodline could eat in to your day!

Music Bloodline is nothing short of brilliant. All the people I know that are in to their rock and metal will generally have done their homework – there’s a reason why there has been publications such as Rock Family Tree and not a pop version 😉

Music Bloodline brings you all the information you need on your voyage of discovery. The site is based on the Rovi API which now powers many entertainment apps, and was created during Music Hack Day Boston 2011.

When you first load the site, you’re shown popular artists on the left hand side and those are the musicians that are the most influential. You’re shown a popular artist in the middle, and to the right of that the artists that they have in turn influenced.

If you have a certain group or musician in mind then sling in their name up in the search box up top although just starting from a random point has given me more food for thought.

When you click on an artist, it will move to the center spot and give you a quick bio about them as well as links to tracks and albums on Spotify. It’s a really handy launching point to listen to some new music or to add tracks to existing playlists on the service.

This really shows how many people owe what they’re listening to now to bands such as The Who, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, etc.

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