Music Angel Friendz portable speaker ears-on review

music angel friendz mainI’ve tried and tested a number of portable speakers from the spherical X-mini and Mighty Boom Balls to the business-like Brother Speakerphone – none of these, however, could claim to have been designed by a Norwegian biologist. But Baard Johannsen is such a man, and he came up with the Music Angel Friends while travelling.

The Music Angel Friendz is a compact stereo speaker (7.5x5x5.2cm) which packs a built-in digital amplifier and a rechargeable battery which can keep this pocket rocket pumping out the jams at 6W (2×3 watts) for around 120 hours apparently.

Music-Angel-FriendzAt only 150g you wouldn’t notice it in your bag but your friends, rather your friendz, will certainly notice the eye-catching colours. The aluminium cases come in a choice of nine nifty finishes – lime, black, blue, pink, silver, purple, green, orange and red. The one I have is the metallic burnt orange as pictured above and looks very swish indeed.

The speaker is charged using its micro USB connection from a PC/Mac or any standard USB charger and you can hook-up your smartphone, laptop, tablet or whatever via the standard 3.5mm audio port.

The Music Angel Friendz comes bundled with a carry pouch and a cable which sports a standard USB and 3.5mm jack at one end and a micro USB at the other.

What is neat about these speakers is the ‘Friendz’ part. If you have more than one you can connect them in serial to add depth and greater volume. I really can see kids (or kidz) getting together and daisy-chaining these speakers when on the bus. If you want to build a tower of them then the non-slip rubber feet should easily allow that.

music angel friendz underlightThe Music Angel Friendz has one other trick under its sleeve too. Fans of customised cars will probably dig this the most.

The compact speaker comes with its own underlighting! When its switched on, dim the lights and enjoy the cool glow of the Music Angel Friendz’s in-built mood enhancer.

The sound is warm and certainly not the tinny effect you get from smartphones or even some laptops. I was surprised at the output from this little thing, so having a pair or more should cover most office/camping needs.

Good price, good sound quality and a nice design makes the Music Angel Friendz well worth considering.

They are available for £22 from


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