Mushkin unleashes affordable 4TB SSD at CES 2016

mushkin 2tb1TB SSDs are gradually becoming much more common these days, with almost every manufacturer offering one and prices becoming reasonably affordable. Now, the SSD makers are looking at ever larger capacities. Mushkin has just announced something huge at CES.

Mushkin has been showcasing some of their new Reactor drives at CES. These now use an updated Silicon Motion SM2246EN controller which allows them to expand their Reactor series of SSDs up to 2TB.

This drive will be using 3D MLC NAND flash, offering a great mix of performance, capacity and affordability. Mushkin says that this drive will release in Q2 of this year.

mushkin ssd interiorBetter still is that despite their SSD controller’s limitation of 2TB, Mushkin has been able to build a 4TB drive which, in basic terms, shoves a pair of their Reactor series drives on the same PCB (printed circuit board). These drives are then linked together using a separate controller which enable the drive to act as a single volume.

What is most impressive about this drive is the fact that Mushkin says that it’s pointing the drive at a $500 (¬£345-ish) price point, which means that the drive will cost around $12.5 per GB! This drive is expected to be released after their 2TB Reactor model.

mushkin 4tb ssdIn addition to their 2TB and 4TB Reactor drives Muskin will also be bringing out a higher end Phison based 1.92TB Striker drive, which is expected to have higher performance than Mushkin’s Reactor series, though it will be using the same SATA interface.

Could this finally spell the end for spinning discs in your PC build?