Musaic MPL adds smarts to your Hi-Fi

musaic-mpl-topGadgetyNews has enjoyed watching the London start-up, Musaic, go from strength to strength. Now they have just launched its third wireless audio product – the MPL Music Player.

The MPL Music Player adds high quality music streaming to your stereo or home cinema system.

The unit is, of course, controlled by Musaic’s app for iOS and Android. This gives you access to a range of sources including Spotify and TIDAL.

Musaic MPL compatibility

As long as your kit has an analogue ‘line-level’ input and can connect to S/PDIF or TOSlink digital input, you’re good to go.

Basically, any stereo system, soundbar, TV, dock or surround system can be used with the new Musaic streamer.

musaic-mpl-portsThe MPL is also fully compatible with Musaic’s MP5 and MP10 smart speakers. Great for a multi-room setup.

Via the Musaic app, the MPL allows playback from phones and tablets and in stored DLNA/UPnP music collections. That’s as well as from streaming services and internet radio. Musaic is compatible with Spotify Connect, TIDAL, Napster and many other services.

Musaic MPL specifications

The Music Player features the ESS SABRE ES9010K2M 32Bit DAC with time domain jitter elimination for true high-end sound reproduction.

Musaic’s audio playback ‘engine’ allows uncompressed high-resolution playback. This promises uncompromised sound quality and support of almost any file type including 24-bit Studio Master files.

Musaic has featured IR learning, with IR blaster output and emitter out. This allows the MPL to control the connected amplifier or AV Receiver from the Musaic app.

musaic-mpl-top-angleThe MPL Music Player features both 100 Base-T Ethernet and Wi-Fi in a dual band 2×2 Multi-In Multi-Out configuration. This allows a robust connection to a standard home network with no need for an additional dedicated bridge product.

This will also make your existing hi-fi or surround system smart. Being a Musaic product you get IFTTT Channel integration just like the MP5 and MP10. This allows you to connect smart home products from hundreds of other brands to your audio system.

You should be able to slide it in to your existing set up easily as it only measures 3.3cm x 14.9cm x 9.0cm (HxWxD). It tips the scales at just 0.2kg.

Musaic MPL and your Smart Home

Via the Musaic app you can also control smart lighting products so users can create lighting scenes integrated to their audio-visual experiences. A certain lighting preset for watching a movie, having a romantic dinner or throwing a party can be recalled via the app or at the touch of a button.

CEO Matthew Bramble said:

Our MPL Music Player is a high-quality audio adaptor that delivers the best sound quality for the price. We chose only extremely high quality components and applied our decades of experience designing high-end award-winning audio products to the MPL in order to bring a high resolution, high-end audio experience to any stereo or home cinema system. It’s also the only audio adaptor product that brings smart home functionality to any stereo or home cinema system. It can, totally uniquely, transform an existing hi-fi system into a connected smart home system.”

Musaic MPL price and availability

The MPL Music Player is available in the UK now via for an RRP of £249.95