mSpot – Store Your Music in the Cloud to Listen Anywhere

I reckon we all love the idea of being able to tap into our full music library, or that of others, from wherever we are.

So – cloud music servers are going to be the next big thing soon. Remember Apple has bought Lala? Also Google has made some noises in that direction.

There’s already one such service out there right nowmSpot.

mSpot will let you store up to 2GB of music in the cloud for absolutely nothing – FREE!

Once your tunes are up there you’ll be able to play these songs from any other PC via the main web browsers – ie: Firefox, IE, Safari or Chrome.

Android users (v2.1 and up) can also download a mSpot app for their handset and access their music on the go.

You can increase the size of your cloud for a price – $2.99 to $13.99 depending on size 😉

Check out the vid below:

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