MSI VR One VR backpack of awesomeness

msi-vr-one-backpackMSI have just announced their VR backpack. The MSI VR One promises to be the thinnest and lightest out there.

MSI have had a close relationship with the HTC VIVE team and this has birthed the MSI VR One.

After bouncing the concept around for a while but MSI have finally brought this concept to becoming reality.

One of the main drawbacks of virtual reality gaming is that you are tethered to a PC.

Thanks to the MSI VR One, this lightweight backpack PC system means that everything moves with you.

MSI VR One specifications

The MSI VR One weighs just 3.6kg. It comes with 2 battery packs and is able to deliver 1.5 hours full speed gameplay.

Powered by overclocked CPU and GeForce GTX 10 series graphics card, MSI VR One is able to deliver full throttle gaming performance under noise of 40dBA.

msi-vr-one-connectionsAs you would expect given the relationship between MSI and HTC VIVE, the VR One has been optimised for use with the VIVE VR headset and controllers.

The pack is equipped with a HDMI port, Mini DisplayPort and an ultra-speed Thunderbolt by Type-C port. All these ports support smoother VR experience with over 90FPS for any high level VR devices. Moreover, there are 4x USB 3.0 ports for more external devices for some VR set requests.


Keeping confined kit cool is always tricky. This VR backpack utilises dual 9cm ultra blade fans and 9 heat pipes.

Working together, the cooling system easily keeps the VR One silent under 41dBA. The only sound you will hear, therefore, is from your VR headsets.

MSI VR One design

There is no mistaking the VR One’s futuristic style. The pair of battery packs live at the bottom of the backpack.

Without those batteries the backpack only weighs 2.2 kg. As a stand alone PC system, MSI VR One is even lighter than some performance gaming notebooks.

Hot swappable batteries

For none-stop action you get two hot-swappable batteries.

The battery indicators shows each battery’s life through four white lights located next to the mount.

msi-vr-one-battery packsFour lights illuminated means the battery life is 75%~100%; three lights means it’s 50%~75%; two lights means it’s 25%~50%; and one light means it’s under 25%. The last light will be flashing to remind users that the battery may run out of power within a short time.

When users want to hot-swap a battery they can swap one at a time without using an adaptor. However, if users plug in the adaptor, they can remove both batteries simultaneously while VR One will still keep the same high performance for VR experience or other type of heavy loading gaming as an ultra slim PC.

1 Click to VR and SHIFT – MSI Dragon Center

The VR One is equipped with ‘MSI Dragon Center’ software.

This software not only permits users to monitor the hardware status in details from their cell phone. This also allows adjustments and managements of unique MSI gaming features.

SHIFT Technology grants users the power to boost the performance and the fan speed to the extreme for the best VR experience.

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