MSI GT80 Titan gaming laptop packs mechanical keyboard

MSI GT80 TitanGaming laptops, no matter how potent, always have to make one compromise – the keyboard. Not so with MSI’s latest gaming laptop, the GT80 Titan.

Any PC gamer will tell you that mechanical keyboards are where it’s at. Even I, with the limited amount of time I have free to game, am equipped with a Corsair K60 board.

Well, the MSI GT80 Titan comes rocking a SteelSeries Cherry MX Brown mechanical keyboard.

As well as that, the laptop will be keeping gamers happy thanks to the Nvidia GTX 900 series mobile graphics under the hood.

Word on the street is that the GT80 Titan will be available with a GTX 980 SLI configuration, making for some serious gaming grunt. RAM will probably top out at 32GB and storage will be provided by an SSD along with a standard mechanical hard drive for mass storage.

As you can see, there’s quite a bit of space between the keyboard and the 18.4-inch full HD screen. This is due to having to fit in all of that key hardware inside, so you might want to invest in a wrist-rest.

I do like the look of the raised hybrid touchpad, which doubles as the trackpad and number pad for the laptop.

The laptop will come in at around 49.1mm thick and tip the scales, partly because of that special keyboard, at 4.5KG.

Price and exact specifications will be revealed with the official announcement so stay glued to the MSI GT80’s website.