Ms Germinator – Review

ms germinator reviewRidding the world of gummies is back! You thought you had scrubbed, bleached and zapped every dastardly germ away in last year’s Germinator but oh no – Creat Studios have other ideas. Now meet the rest of the family as Ms Germinator comes to town with shopping bags full of new cleaning materials.

When Germinator infected the Vita last year there were not many puzzle games about, but Germinator had it covered. A year down the line and a whole host of indie releases later can Ms Germinator hold up? Rubber gloves at the ready, ski mask on, I’m going in and hoping for an antibacterial wipeout and an exemplary return with Ms G.

ms germinator 1

Bright toxic colours, grinning evil cartoony gummies and the super responsive touch screen-thankfully all the trademarks are still there. Not forgetting the germ launcher, which is used to eradicate those pesky gummies and is still as accurate as ever. The basics to the game are simple but devilishly tricky; rid the area of gummies before they reach the top of the screen. Launching germs and hitting other germs of the same colour will cause them to merge, expand and explode, thereby destroying nearby gummies. Being Ms Germinator it’s all done with a mega splash of colour and a great sense of humour.

ms germinator 2

The new lady in town also brings a heap of new additions to the table. When popped, New Power Germs create insane shockwaves wiping out entire gummies in a flash. Each different coloured power germ has a unique power. Also new are Warp Gates which teleport germs to other gates, Circular Deflector, Frozen Germs and Bonus Stars, all of which make for fun varied gaming time.

ms germinator 3

There is plenty of content and varying degrees of difficulty on offer. Later levels will certainly get those clogs turning in your head as the challenge is upped. Campaign, Puzzle, Arcade and Duel multiplayer are all there to be blitzed. Challenge Mode is new. This brings brand new levels that will be delivered regularly free of charge, so keep those gloves on.

Being a sequel, gameplay could not radically change, but Creat have given us another mega blast of wacky bubble trouble worthy of another purchase. Also this is Creat’s first cross-buy title so it’s more bacterial for your bucks.

Forget YouTube guides and trophy lists, Ms Germinator is a burst of pure bubble popping fun wrapped up and delivered the Ms G way.

Lizard rating 8/10

Publisher/Developer – Creat Studios

Released – 15.8.13

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