Mr Jones The Average Day – A Routine Watch

Mr-JonesAre you a slave to routine?

Does the phrase ‘just an average day’ resonate with you?

Perhaps you should ditch the hours and minutes of your week day and replace them with those general tasks of the day.

Ooooo…. it so happens that’s exactly what the Mr Jones The Average Day watch does!

If you check out the dial on the Mr Jones The Average Day watch you’ll see that those 24 hours have been broken down into blocks of ‘average activities’.

So instead of minute and hour markers the watch shows you when you should be eating, watching tele, socialising or sleeping.

Just to make sure you’re not trying to sleep when you should be working – the outer loop is the morning, the inner-loop the afternoon and evening 😉

It appears that the Limited Edition version has sold out – But if you do want to pick one up, the makers are set to bring a general edition version out in November.

Slap down a 100 notes and you can register here to buy one.

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