MP4 Video Recording, Picture Snapping, MP3 Playing Watch

top_photoIf you fancy yourself as a bit of a James Bond type and love the chunkiness featured in 70s digital watches you are going to love Thanko’s MP4 watch.

At first it looks like a typically retro digital time-piece with a decent sized face but when you discover that it’s packing a camera that’s able to shoot video in 352×288 and take stills at 640×480 then the geekahol starts to flow!

That’s not all people!


The MP4 also doubles up as a wrist-based entertainment centre able to dish out MP3/WMA audio playback, AVI video and a photo/text file viewer.


Ok, so it’s not exactly going to be kind to your peepers when trying to watch the video playback or read those text files - but it is more than likely going to impress the lads down the pub.

The watch is out in Japan for £108 and, lets face it, Thanko’s wares usually hit the UK eventually.

So, OO8 – Q will be in touch soon 🙂

Update:  This is now available at Brando’s webstore for $129.oo!!

Thanko via Akihabara News