Mozilla Files To Legalise iPhone Jailbreaking

mozilla-foundationFirefox makers, Mozilla, have filed papers to the US Copyright Office in a move that sees them going head to head with Apple over the legally murkey process of iPhone unlocking.

Mozilla is backing a proposal by the Electronic Frontier Foundation to make an exemption to the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act that would allow a legal iPhone unlock.

They are putting forward that it would promote “open access” to the internet – and allow folk to download Firefox Mobile as a side-effect 😉

Skype are also behind this as they’d love the chance to get their VoIP over 3G as well as Wi-Fi.

We all know that Apple isn’t exactly free with their platform and are obviously loving the revenue being brought in from their App Store.

I think with names like Mozilla and Skype hasseling the US government for a legal iPhone unlock it could get messy with lots of scratching and hair-pulling.

Kinda like a Friday-night in Wombwell.

I’ll keep you people up-to-date 🙂